Tiger Edition Level 1: Subtraction


The Tiger Subtraction book requires the student to subtract into the negative, and learn to be equally comfortable with both sides of zero. 

As with all books in the range, there are 20 exercises each containing 120 questions. The questions are divided into X, Y and Z types. 

An X Type Question: ? - 6 = -3

A Y Type Question: 3 - ? = -3

A Z Type Question: 3 - 6 = ? 

Considering numbers from all three perspectives is fundamental to creating fluent arithmetic and lays the ground work for algebra. 

Subtraction is often the weak link in a child's arithmetic as it is not often focussed on. This book is excellent for getting a child feeling equally comfortable across all 4 arithmetic disciplines. 

General Information: 

The Numberella Brain Training book range has helped hundreds of students speed up their processing, move up sets, and get into schools following competitive exam entries. They work by:  

1) creating a safe space for practice

Kids using the books know what to expect from the questions, and thus don't fear doing them.

2) changing mindset

Any child using the books on a daily basis will improve their processing speed. As a result, they begin to associate success, and feeling good, with maths as a subject. They start to believe in themselves. 

3) accelerating processing

Kids using the books will find conversations involving numbers become easier to follow. This will empower them in the classroom, where they will start to do better work. 

4) giving a sense of ownership

Numberella brain training books are beautifully designed, high end products. They come with x 40 30mm stickers in bronze, silver, gold and ANT which are shinier and bigger than anything else on the market. Kids are proud to own them. They take ownership of the brain training process as a result. 

5) motivating 

Once the penny drops and a child realises they are not destined to fail in maths, they begin to believe in themselves. At a certain point, they will become intrinsically motivated, as their self-esteem is boosted by the success the book brings them.

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To watch series creator Alexander F.L. Newberry speaking about the books, watch the video below: 

For more in depth information, there are two hands on explainer videos.

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