Numberella Vocab Cards - Box 2


Numberella Vocab cards feature words harvested over thousands of hours of teaching from 11+ and 13+ exam papers. They are challenging words, the majority of which do not fall within a student's reach as they do not feature in most of the books they will have read at this point. Learning them well is a prerequisite for success at 11+ and 13+, where exam texts are often taken from 19th century works of fiction, such as Jane Austen, Emily Bronte or Charles Dickens. 

Each box comes with 50 words, plus context sentences, a rhyme, a half rhyme, a synonym and an alliteration. The context sentence is composed to demonstrate poetical writing; as students learn them, they begin to see how the poetical devices they are creating on the cards can be used in practice. 

The cards also contain a unique tool called the 'wordberg' and the 'onomatopoeia scale.' Students are encouraged to analyse the target word on the basis of how it looks and how it sounds, and assess the relationship between the sound and appearance of the word, and it's actual meaning. In other words, to explore what an onomatopoeia actually is. (Onomatopoeia comes from two ancient Greek words, onomatos and poeow (sic) which combine to mean 'I make the same.') 

Each card has the capacity for 3 rhymes, half rhymes, alliterations and synonms, and students are encouraged to build their own solutions for these categories in addition to those provided with the box. Once a card is complete, it offers 13 words, many of which will be new to the student, as finding rhymes, half rhymes and alliterations can be turned into an opportunity for further vocab discovery. Thus, what starts as a box of 50 words becomes a box of 650 words, once the cards are complete. 

Example word from box 2: 


Context sentence:

Baxter brought his hoover with him to the house, but it was superfluous. The house was already clean. 

Synonym: unnecessary

Rhyme: you work for us (for words with multiple syllables, it is often impossible to find a perfect rhyme, but you can have a lot of fun trying to come up with a phrase that comes close!) 

Half Rhyme: they'll murder us

Alliteration: somewhat