Go Poet! Level 1, Book 1


Go Poet! is an exciting and motivational new way of learning English - a brain training activity designed to improve the way the brain stores and uses words. It encourages children to learn vocabulary on the basis of its poetic potential. 

Developed by Alexander F.L. Newberry in the course of teaching English, it flips the subject so that students can access it from the perspective of their own creativity. Everyone loves a rhyme!

Once students are engaged in this way, they can then develop their processing skills, and precondition their brains to offer them words on the basis of how well they will work with the other words in the sentence. Thus, beautiful output will become something they don't think too much about. 

Go Poet! has 3 stages - the Go Poet! interface, where students create rhymes, half rhymes, alliterations, backwords and palindromes; the Scintillating Scenario section, where they create opening paragraphs for stories based on their alliteration ideas. 

Finally, Opportunity Knocks is an incentivised spelling learning system. Write down the target words in the Opportunity Knocks section, and then earn 5 Antcoins for each successful repeat of the spelling. If the student gets it wrong, they write it out again, but this time earn 4 Antcoins for each repeat. They need to spell it correctly four times, before they move up a level again. Opportunity Knocks is designed to be used with Numberella software. 

As with all Numberella brain training books, opportunity knocks comes with a beautiful prize sticker book containing big shiny stickers! 

Trains children to write better, more beautiful sentences.