Antonio Edition Level 3: Multiplication


The Numberella Level 3 Brain Training Book increases the concentration stamina requirement to 30 questions per exercises, and raises the optimal processing speed objective to 1.3 seconds per question, up from 2 seconds per question in the Level 2 book. This moves the student closer to the ultimate automation goal of 1 second per question. To better understand automation and the change of brain structure which accompanies intense practice, please view this video.

Numberella Brain Training Books are designed to achieve three core aims:

Three way thinking: give flexible numeracy, the ability to tackle a problem from any angle with greater ease

To achieve this, students practice 3 different styles of arithmetic. To see what we mean by this, watch this video. 

Numerical Fluency: A brain state where numbers flow through your head, taking away the effort from doing mental arithmetic and freeing up space to complete other tasks

Automating arithmetic is the most important step to creating a confident mathematician. 

Growth Mindset: Setting goals, tracking performance and rewarding yourself help you see change. Your brain gets better the more you use it and there is no limit to your potential!

It sounds simple, but until you see it happen for yourself, it's hard to understand. Numberella brain training books include beautifully constructed graphs, which populate positively without fail when a student works regularly in the books. These graphs become visible proof of their brain's potential to change, converting them into 'growth mindset' students, for whom nothing becomes impossible. 

 What's in the book? 

Each book contains:

40 exercises, comprised of 4 different styles - A, B, C and Compendium (a mix of A, B and C.) 

x30 Questions Per Exercise

1 x Progress Graph

1x Sticker Book

Watch this video to see how awesome they are!