Antonio Edition Level 1 - Number Bonds To Twenty


Numberella brain training books accelerate the speed at which kids process numbers.

They have been developed in a one on one teaching environment and are data proven to improve a child's processing speed. 

Children using Numberella brain training books do well in exams. To read a recent newsletter from Alexander F.L. Newberry the inventor of the books, click here. To hear him discussing them, click here

The book contains 4 different styles of question, (see images) which train children to develop a fluid numeracy, without the traditional bias for 1+2=? numeracy which in the long run will disadvantage them. 

Beautifully designed, these books make a child proud to have them and convert number drills into enjoyable events. They contain beautiful motivational stickers, to make them feel special when they achieve something amazing. To see the sticker book, click here

Children learn to set goals, recognise and celebrate personal bests, and develop a growth mindset. Improvement is guaranteed with daily practice. 

When children connect the dots between practice and improvement, they take the first steps towards intrinsic motivation. 

Used correctly, this book will help give your child a growth mindset, accelerate their mental maths, and make them a better and more confident mathematician. 

How do I know if I should use this book? 

To find out if this book is suitable for your child, ask them to answer the questions in one of the sample sheets. (You can print it off or just ask them verbally.) If they are able to complete the questions within Gold or ANT time, then they don't need to do this book, and should look at Level 2. If they are within 10 seconds of Bronze, or within Silver, then they could use more practice and this is the book for them!