Antonio Edition Level 1 - Number Bonds To Ten


Numberella brain training books accelerate the speed at which kids process numbers.

They have been developed in a one on one teaching environment and are data proven to improve a child's processing speed. 

Beautifully designed, they make a child proud to have them and convert number drills into enjoyable events. 

Children learn to set goals, recognise and celebrate personal bests, and develop a growth mindset. Improvement is guaranteed with daily practice. 

When children connect the dots between practice and improvement, they take the first steps towards intrinsic motivation. 

Used correctly, this book will help give your child a growth mindset, accelerate their mental maths, and make them a better and more confident mathematician. 

Use the Number Bonds To Ten book to teach a child of 5-6 for the first time, or to accelerate a child of 7-8 who has fallen behind and is lacking in confidence. 

Take a look at how the book works: 

If you like that, you'll love the stickers that kids get for completing exercises!