Numberella Vocab Cards - Box 1

Harvested from a variety of 11+ papers over many years of teaching, this series of 5 Vocab Card Boxes contain essential 11+ words presented in a unique way. Students are presented with them as part of a poetic network, based on the pillars of rhyme, half rhyme, alliteration and synonym. All words are also included in a specially crafted memorable sentence, which allows the nuance of the word to be correctly gleaned. Trigger words derived from these sentences assist with recall. The icing on the cake is the onomatopoeia scale and wordberg analysis, which encourages students to consider words on the basis of their onomatopoeiac value. The cumulative effect of this approach has been shown to increase the respect students have for English as a subject, and allow them, often for the first time, to tap into the richness of literacy and develop a love for it.