Tiger Edition Level 1: Multiplication


Essential 11+ Preparation

Numberella Tiger Edition Brain Training books are a tried and tested way of super charging your child's mental arithmetic and giving them an edge in competitive exams. 

Tiger Multiplication Level 1 contains: 

- 20 Exercises on Times Tables 1-12

- 120 Questions Per Exercise (2,400 questions) 

- x2 Motivational Graphs

- x 3 Challenge Sets

- 70 Motivational Stickers (40x 35mm, 30 x 10mm)

Performance Profile

Children using Numberella Brain Training books are on a path to automation, measured by how quickly they can answer questions. In this book, ANT Speed  = 1.25 questions per second taking them to the automation threshold. 

Once kids begin to automate mental arithmetic, they free up processing power for working out questions. This leads to better results! 


Numberella Brain Training Books are designed to achieve three core aims:

Three way thinking: give flexible numeracy, the ability to tackle a problem from any angle with greater ease

Numerical Fluency: A brain state where numbers flow through your head, taking away the effort from doing mental arithmetic and freeing up space to complete other tasks

Growth Mindset: Setting goal, tracking performance and rewarding yourself help you see change. Your brain gets better the more you use it and there is no limit to your potential!

Developed by London based private tutor Alexander F.L. Newberry, they have helped scores of students achieve entry to the schools of their dreams. To read about the latest results, click here.

Take a look at the sticker book: