Tiger Edition Level 3

The fearsome Tiger Edition Level 3 books are the preserve of students who have successfully negotiated the steep incline of the Level 2 challenge, and are ready to significantly expand their working memories.

Level 3 books incorporate numbers from minus 24 to plus 24, and thereby take students out of the comfort zone they have been operating in from the time they first mastered their times tables and number bonds. 

Level 3 requires the mental calculation of sums such as 18 x ?  = 306 which requires students to use A.F.L. Newberry's Left To Right or Perspective Line strategy to solve quickly. 

Left To Right Strategy

18 x ?  = 306

18 x 10 = 180 ergo

18x 20 = 360

Perspective Line Strategy

Gap between 306 and 360 is 54, ergo

18 x 17 = 306

Using these strategies requires students to hold their initial answers to the left to right strategy in their working memory, whilst visualising a gap on a Perspective Line. Coordinating these two efforts requires considerable energy, but, like all brain work, once it is practiced enough, this too can automate.

Tiger Level 3 books, create a significant  expansion of working memory and overall processing capacity, as well as expanding the number horizon to a level few adults will ever enjoy. 

This confers significant advantages in maths papers, where questions are formulated to extend children a little bit outside of their 144 comfort zone, but not much further. 

Someone able to do ANT time in Level 3 will crush this kind of question. 




Tiger Edition Level 3
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