Antonio Edition Motivational Brain Training Books Level 2

Level 2 books introduce 20 questions per exercise, and increase the processing speed required to win the ANT medal to 2 seconds per question. 

The Level 2 range is generally used by children of 7-9 who are capable of performing the questions asked slowly, but successfully. They should be able to answer 80% of the questions without help, and be able to get within 10 seconds of the bronze time. Use the sample sheets to test your child (you can do this verbally or print the sheet out and ask them to write on it.)

If they don't get within 10 second of a bronze - or, if the effort seems to be too much -  they should spend more time mastering the Level 1 books before testing the limits of their concentration stamina here. It is much better to keep it fun and easy at the beginning of the brain training journey. It is critical that the child stays onside, and too much too soon could mean that doesn't happen.  

- 20 questions per exercise

- 2 seconds per answer for the top prize

- 4 styles of exercise

- 70 stickers

- performance graphs

Antonio Edition Motivational Brain Training Books Level 2
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