"Numberella makes kids of all skill levels beg to do math"
Dr. April De Gennaro, Peeples Elementary
"Major fluency skills have greatly improved"
Heidi Long, Tunnel Hill Elementary
"I liked that the game was educational and fun, it really made you stretch your brain."
Lekai, Year 5, De Beauvoir Primary, London

The Numberella Way

Game & Software

The Numberella game and software are the brainchild of Alexander F.L. Newberry, a London based tutor who specialises in accelerating numeracy and transforming the results of children who struggle in maths. The game was developed in a live teaching environment, in response to challenges faced when working with children who were dismissive of traditional pedagogies. The ideas contained within the game were all trialled by children, and anything they didn’t like, wasn’t included. This is why kids love playing Numberella – in a way, they designed it. Data proven, Key Stage curriculum based, and played in homes and schools across the world, Numberella is the best way to make maths fun for kids, and accelerate their processing and syllabus recall in the process.

Motivational Brain Training Books

Early on in his teaching career, Alexander noticed that accelerating processing led to dramatically improved outcomes, both in the exam room, and in overall student morale. He set about designing books which do exactly that, and success followed. When something feels easy, it's more enjoyable, and scores of students, learning this way, have moved up sets and gained entries into top schools. Numberella Motivational Brain Training books are an exam performance secret weapon which have helped Alexander's students achieve a 99.9% success rate at 11+ and 13+ since he began teaching in 2009. The method has caught on, too, with some of London's top schools - such as St Pauls Boys school - using the technique.

Antonio Edition Level 1: Addition

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Numberella brain training books are the perfect way to boost your child's confidence in arithmetic. Developed by Alexander F.L. Newberry in response to the needs of students who struggled in maths, they are data proven to improve processing speed and confidence. Used correctly, they transform performance. To read accounts of students who have used Numberella brain training books, click here for Alexander's latest tutoring newsletter.

The Level 1 books are the perfect place for children of 5 and upwards to start their number journey. The course of books will take them through all the way to Tiger Edition Level 3, by which time they will have exceptional processing speed, working memory, and mathematical vision.

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