"Numberella makes kids of all skill levels beg to do math"
Dr. April De Gennaro, Peeples Elementary
"Major fluency skills have greatly improved"
Heidi Long, Tunnel Hill Elementary
"I liked that the game was educational and fun, it really made you stretch your brain."
Lekai, Year 5, De Beauvoir Primary, London

Numberella World

Engage | Accelerate | Automate

Numberella World is an educational eco-system built around the adventures of Numberella and the Gang. Set in the post-flood city of Probabilium in the year 2098 (or 25 p.f.) it weaves together adventure based escape rooms, table top games, learning software, motivational brain training books, and a series of adventure novels. The creation of Alexander F.L. Newberry, a London based tutor, it was developed over the course of 12,000+ hours (and counting) of teaching, during which Alexander evolved the Numberella concept and product range. Originally intended to help his own students overcome issues with numeracy and literacy, Numberella products are now used worldwide in a broad range of learning environments, from competitions for gifted students through to SEN teaching.

Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 2
Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 1
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Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 3

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